Be a part of a very special acknowledgement for those you have lost.  The Fonda Fair Association has created “Memory Lane Park”.  We are offering this unique opportunity to all family members, friends and fair goers over the years to express your lasting memory for loved ones that have passed on  to become a part of our Memory Lane Park and Community.  The construction for this newly created park will begin on August 6th and will be completed just in time for the opening of the 2018 fair later in the month.

For just $100 The Fonda Fair Association will provide an engraved 8”x8” granite brick in memory of a loved one. Each brick will represent emotional and physical foundations of the park. Memory Lane Park will be located at the East end of the grounds between the Ag 2000 building and the Poultry building.

We hope to have your loved one memory be part of the Fonda Fair Association “Memory Lane Park”.  For any questions please call the fairgrounds at 518-853-3313 or click on the button to fill out the order form.